2 is better than 1 (Marriage Positivities)

ECCLESIASTES 4:9 Two are better than one, because they have a good return for their work.

I was reading the Holy Bible earlier this day and came across this verse. It reminded me of my marriage, and I believe my husband and I are both blessed to understand the meaning of marriage and how we keep our faith on it despite hardship and imperfection.

79692f4121984523b1b9e71f09ecc689272112ff1897d46f87pimgpsh_fullsize_distrAs I understand it, marriage is a union where two persons become one to share each other’s happiness and agony. It is a work always in progress, done hand in hand to carry and to support, to love and to care for each other.

Responsibilities and work are greatly divided and earnestly shared. Nothing beats the pleasant feeling of two persons fighting against life’s battles, side by side.
Though trials can weaken the link that binds the marriage, it should not be tolerated to cause rusts that can totally damage and unbind the link, but rather, should be always polished to get rid of them. Polish it with trust, understanding and unconditional love, learn how to listen with your heart and to empathize.

It’s true that nobody is perfect, but when two imperfect persons unite, they complete each other, they compliment each other’s resilience, they accept each other’s flaws, and they make each other’s weaknesses as their strengths- making them whole and complete.
My husband and I are two utterly different individuals, we share not a lot of the same interests but we learned to appreciate and respect each other. We sometimes become part of each other’s world and it creates a wonderful feeling to experience new things.

Putting God in the center of our marriage, family and life will always be our top priority. Honestly, it’s a struggle to do so, maintaining a good and balance relationship is not easy. However, having the same goal for our marriage to work and keeping our faith to the Lord will help us accomplish it… 🙂

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