Getting Out of The Shell…

Parenting should be done carefully and wholeheartedly to secure your kids future.

My second son, Marv Hezron often asks me to watch the animation movie ‘The Good Dinosaur’. I do not understand why at first, so sometimes, I do not let him watch it even if he cries for it, and that makes me always lose my patience for him.
Not until later that I found out the very moving reason why, something that brought a change in him, then I fully understood.

The teacher’s day celebration at school has been the first school activity my son has ever participated for a performance. He is six years old and currently a preschool student. My son has always been the shy-type ever since he was little, scared of people, and often cried everytime somebody tried to go near him or to carry him. I did not see his shyness to be a problem in the future, because as he grows older, he is active and very playful, specially with his siblings. Not until he had his first time going to school.

During his daycare year, I accompanied him for five months inside the classroom because he was unwilling to go inside alone. He was crying and wailing, banging the door, trying to get out of the room each time I insisted to stay outside. Until he got the hang of going to school, playing with his classmates, and maybe realizing there was no harm about it. It was a good start, but the road was still rocky.

14468410_1852361204984724_8651655511224254198_oThough he managed to stay without me inside the classroom, he never participated in singing and dancing during the class the whole time until the school year ended, he stayed seated and just watched his classmates and his teacher do their thing. Though I could sense he wanted to join because he was smiling while watching them, but very shy to do so. However, when we reached home, he sang the songs from his school and even taught his younger sister about the song. But academically speaking, I didn’t have a hard time teaching him, in fact, he even finished his tasks quicker than the others, so I believed that someday, he can overcome his shyness.

Hence the teacher’s day celebration. I was happy to know he joined the practices. Though during the final day, I was a bit tense, thinking, what if he failed and do not participate like he used to? I admit of feeling awkward, so I constantly reminded him to join the presentation that time, telling him we will watch him perform. He responded ‘opo’ (yes), but I could not take it seriously until it’s done.

I felt a bit happy when he joined the line to walk in front to position themselves. When he was settled, his head was uneasy and looking around, I know he was looking for me, I waved but he did not notice. I began to feel a bit tense again, specially when the music started; but then, even if he did not see me sooner, he participated, I smiled down to my heart.

When he finally saw me, he was smiling and happy as he performed and finished it without hesitation. I was smiling back and could not contain my happiness. Their program was very simple, but I am the happiest mother among all of them present that time- I even clapped the loudest after their performance.

14560185_1852362138317964_2704722939651113780_oI am grateful, seeing my child starting to get out of his shell, seeing my belief in him coming true. It is a long process both of us will go through because among all of my kids, he is the one needing a different approach as he is growing up. He is a challenge to me as I am the kind of person with short patience and he still keeps on challenging me until now because of the different kind of attention he is needing. I feel guilty losing my temper sometimes and that is what I need to control. What makes it harder for me is the fact that I myself is an introvert, and dealing with a similar situation as I have is like facing myself and teaching myself to go out of my own shell.
Of course, I will not give up on him, with prayers and faith to the Lord, we can both get through with this- I know, no matter how long it takes.

In the afternoon of that same day, he again asked me to watch ‘The Good Dinosaur’. I declined. Then suddenly I remembered how the story of the movie went. It was about the dinosaur named Arlo who was born a coward like afraid of the big and wild world he is in, but he had hopes of becoming strong and fearless, though he didn’t know how to overcome his weakness. Until circumstances like being away with his family, having a responsibility to protect someone, and trying to get home made him win the battle against himself.

So I realized, maybe my son sees himself in Arlo, maybe he likes how Arlo became strong and brave towards the end of the story. Maybe Arlo is one of his inspiration, maybe he sees hope in Arlo; and he felt as courageous as Arlo earlier that day. So I told him, he can watch the movie the next day in the afternoon when I get my break from work… and he was excited for that day to come. 🙂

Daily prompt: Careful



  1. how cute. children will always repeat the good and the beautiful things they experience. don’t worry they’ll get over it though they won’t forget each experience. you are doing good as a parent. keep it up.

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