Beauty Up Close

I took this photo when an uninvited rain poured in the midst of summer.

I don’t like rain. It is hard to do outdoor stuffs when it rains. I don’t remember any incident that I enjoyed the rain. I know my reason is vain, but that is just how I feel.

But one lazy afternoon, when it suddenly rained, which was unusual during summer, I was just watching it and hearing the drops like beats of music. Then my eyes were stuck on the big drops of rain coming from the roof going down the concrete pavement, I noticed how the splashes alternately lift from the ground like they were dancing beautiful steps. My initial reaction was to take a photo of the splashes, and luckily, after how many tries, I got a good shot of them. I was so happy of the outcome. Looking at the picture, the water formed beautiful cylinders, they looked magical to me! How great art is in all forms.

That was my first time to enjoy the rain, that was my first time to appreciate it’s beauty.

As human beings, it is our nature to pre- judge, it closes the eyes of our minds to perceive inner beauty, it makes our first ugly impressions last.

So i realized, true enough, that you can only see real beauty from within, that you can only feel authentic goodness up close.

(Weekly Photo Challenge: Abstract)



  1. nice ate. hindi parin kumukupas ang galing mo sa pagsusulat ^_^
    sorry ngayon ko lang nakita mga works mo. medyo busy ako hehehe.
    keep it up ‘te 🙂


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