I was walking on the stairs up to our house when I saw these very tiny flowers with vibrant yellow colors. I took a shot of it, making me realize how a tiny creature can make a big realization in me, and how it can glow massively to reveal it’s little beauty.

This is a very tiny flower with a tiny living creature on it. What made me snap a shot of it? It’s the fact that even though how tiny a living creature is, we are created here on earth with equal and great value- big or small. One needs one another.

This image reminds me of existence and survival and equality. This also makes me realize that no matter how small your voice, how tiny you look, you belong in a society where you can be heard and seen, where you can show your value and be appreciated.

Life is risky, but it’s in our nature to take the risk. It’s in our nature to walk with people having bigger footsteps, though sometimes scary, but what makes us strong is our ability to stride with them and to take things into the next level.

I may be ‘tiny’, but I can be ‘big’ in a different aspect.

weekly PHOTO challenge: Tiny


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