The view was really beautiful, it was taken during dusk here in Baguio City Philippines. But I did not caught it in it’s best quality because I am only using an android phone for my photographs because I can’t afford to buy a DSLR camera. But lack of equipment will not stop me from taking photographs of beautiful wonders of the earth. My android phone is my buddy.

When darkness meets light,
there is a splash of colors-
of yellow and orange, of purple and lavender;

When sadness meets happiness,
realization is full of wonders-
tears will flow but will feel better;

When ugly meets beauty,
it brings out the best character-
truly, beauty is in the eye of the beholder;

When night meets day,
another one is over-
a thing done can’t be altered.

When bad meets good,
it measures perfection, however-
staying the same is lot of pressure;

When death meets life,
it is not a failure,
it is the will of the creator…

(weekly photo challenge: HARMONY)


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